Alam Kidz Children Playing Sand Castle

The School

At Alam Kidz School, we believe that each child is unique, creative and intelligent. We recognise that only by having a clear, appropriate developmental educational approach to learning that a child can fulfill their highest potential. At Alam Kidz School, we offer a distinctive educational program in Mathematics and Literacy, incorporating an individually tailored child-centered approach to learning inspired by the Cambridge Curriculum. Our professional and talented team of teachers and administrators are dedicated to the vision of providing an education system that encourages young people to realize their potential and discover pathways to their future within a sustainable environment. Learning that is encouraged with positive reinforcement every moment of every day.

Our Vision

A community supporting young people to realize their potential; forever learning, forever teaching, empowering future changemakers.

Our Mission

To provide a unique, learning-centered environment that helps develop creative thinking in our young people through an integrated and developmental approach to education. Through meaningful student engagement in learning, we aspire to develop interpersonal, physical and cognitive competencies that empower young people to lead purposeful, fulfilling lives.

Alam Kidz Student Education

Our Methodology

Much is known about the importance of play in children’s development, yet few have put play at the heart of school learning. Here’s some of the reasons we do;

  1. Play is a core resource for learning
  2. Learning through play in school involves play with a purpose
  3. Learning through play is a mindset with playfulness as the active ingredient
  4. Fun and play encourages memory retention of subjects and motivation for future learning
  5. Play and playfulness thrive in supportive school cultures
  6. Learning through play is universal and shaped by culture

The positive effect of play on children’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development has been well-documented. As we are tasked with nurturing these very skills ,we regard putting play at the heart of Alam Kidz can only be a good thing.

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