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"Discover the joy of learning"
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Discover the Joy of Learning

We provide the best environment for children to play and learn

Welcome to Alamkidz

Alamkidz is a school located in gianyar bali which has education levels ranging from early childhood & kindergarten, primary school, with national and holistic curriculum, We educate for entrepreneurial learning, nature environment, where developing creativity, happiness, and wellbeing.

Child-Centered Education

Children believe they deserve how we treat them. Healthy self-worth and self-esteem are linked to how we treat them. Proactive teaching means spending time filling a child’s cup with love.

Enterprise Education

EE projects respond to authentic opportunities, e.g. a dance production, play area development, visiting performance groups, a local market, animal conservation activities. Enterprise is served by providing systems.

Expert Teachers

Our teacher is qualified as a teacher in early childhood education and primary education and has demonstrated experience working at Alam Kidz School.

Music Lessons

Music Learning focuses primarily on learning essential skills relating to the language of music. Music appreciation and musical experiences are best served in Integrated and Connecting lessons.
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About Alamkidz school

At Alam Kidz School, we believe that each child is unique, creative and intelligent. We recognise that only by having a clear, appropriate developmental educational approach to learning that a child can fulfill their highest potential. At Alam Kidz School, we offer a distinctive educational program in Mathematics and Literacy, incorporating an individually tailored child-centered approach to learning inspired by the Holistic curriculum. Our professional and talented team of teachers and administrators are dedicated to the vision of providing an education system that encourages young people to realize their potential and discover pathways to their future within a sustainable environment. Learning that is encouraged with positive reinforcement every moment of every day.

Our popular classes

Created An Class Environment Where Children Can Be Surrounded By Nature



3 - 4 years


4 - 6 years


6 - 9 years

Kids activities

Infant classroom offers strategies for building positive relationships, helping children develop self-regulation and responding to challenging behaviors.


Hydroponic systems provide a hands-on learning experience that engages children in the process of growing plants.

Green house

Is dedicated to improving Environmental Science Education in Alamkidz schools through integrated facilities

Recycled craft

At Alamkidz school, we provide an environmentally friendly activities through Recycled craft Project

Gamelan Bali

We learn the diversity of cultural of indonesia through the connecting lesson "Gamelan bali Class".

Our curriculum

Holistic education is concerned with connections in human experience - connections between mind and body, between linear thinking and intuitive ways of knowing, between individual and community.