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Frequently Asked Question

What Age Do Kids Start Kindergarten?

Students must be at least four years old on the first day of the school year to enroll in a kindergarten program. At four years old, children are ready to learn and explore. Sending them to a kindergarten program will help improve literacy, language skills, and social-emotional learning.

Does Your School Have a Good Student-to-Teacher Ratio?

Ensuring your child has the proper resources and attention is of the utmost priority. All our classrooms maintain a low ratio, so your child gets the care they deserve.

How Does the Program Decide on Age-Appropriate Academics?

Our state-licensed teachers are mindful of each student’s strengths and weaknesses. We customize our programs to ensure each child is given the support they need to succeed.

How Will You Communicate My Child’s Progress?

We always encourage parents to reach out to us regarding any questions or concerns about their student’s progress. We also provide progress reports and newsletters. You’ll also meet face-to-face during parent-teacher conferences.

What are school opening and closing times?

School starts at 9:00 am each day and all children will be ready to pick up in the afternoon at 1pm each day for preschool and 2.30pm each day for kindergarten and primary.

How do you communicate with parents?

At Park we use Whatsapp and Seesaw app –  Parents can message the teacher and share information about how well their children are doing in class and at home. We send photos and videos through seesaw app, where parents can find out what their children have been learning in class.

We also use Instagram and Facebook to send out snippets of current/upcoming school information and we realize this may take time for us to get a strong following. We aim to share and celebrate as many of the varied activities that the children and staff engage in as we can.

What happens if my child has an accident at school?

All Teaching Assistants are first aid trained and can offer reassurance and first aid to children who are injured at school.

If the injury is significant we would inform parents and appropriate first aid would be given and of course any serious injury we would involve the medical services as soon as possible.

Can my child wear jewellery in school?

We ask that students do not wear jewelry in school.

Small stud earrings can be worn but these must be removed by pupils on PE days. If your child can not remove their own earrings we ask that they do not wear them.

Schools are busy places and we find that jewellery can cause unnecessary accidents.