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About us

Alamkidz school

Alamkidz is a school located in gianyar Bali which has education levels ranging from early childhood & kindergarten, primary school, with a national and holistic curriculum, We educate for entrepreneurial learning, nature environment, where developing creativity, happiness, and wellbeing.

Child-Centered Education

Children believe they deserve how we treat them. Healthy self-worth and self-esteem are linked to how we treat them. Proactive teaching means spending time filling a child’s cup with love.

Enterprise Education

EE projects respond to authentic opportunities, e.g. a dance production, play area development, visiting performance groups, a local market, animal conservation activities. Enterprise is served by providing systems.

Expert Teachers

Our teacher is qualified as a teacher in early childhood education and primary education and has demonstrated experience working at Alam Kidz School.

Music Lessons

Music Learning focuses primarily on learning essential skills relating to the language of music. Music appreciation and musical experiences are best served in Integrated and Connecting lessons.

The best school for your childs

At Alam Kidz School, we believe that each child is unique, creative and intelligent. We recognise that only by having a clear, appropriate developmental educational approach to learning that a child can fulfill their highest potential. At Alam Kidz School, we offer a distinctive educational program in Mathematics and Literacy, incorporating an individually tailored child-centered approach to learning inspired by the Holistic Curriculum. Our professional and talented team of teachers and administrators are dedicated to the vision of providing an education system that encourages young people to realize their potential and discover pathways to their future within a sustainable environment. Learning that is encouraged with positive reinforcement every moment of every day.

Our vision

A community supporting young people to realize their potential; forever learning, forever teaching, in the service of humanity.

To inspire a community of lifelong learners who embrace diversity, act with compassion, and strive for excellence in an ever-changing world

Our mission

To provide a unique, learning-centered environment that progresses young people through an integrated and developmental approach to education.

To provide a challenging and inclusive education that empowers students to become active, compassionate, and lifelong learners.

Our aims

To develop interpersonal, intrapersonal, physical and cognitive competencies; empowering young people to lead purposeful, fulfilling lives.

To develop knowledgeable, and caring young people who are motivated to succeed and make a positive difference in the world.

Play as you learn

Play is a core resource for learning

Fun and play encourages memory retention of subjects

Learning through play in school involves play with a purpose

Play and playfulness thrive in supportive school cultures

Learning through play is a mindset

Learning through play is universal 

How to enroll your child in a class ?

You can apply now through the link…

Our teachers

Our team is qualified as a teacher in early childhood education and primary education and has demonstrated experience working at Alam Kidz School.

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Alamkidz Ketewel

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Below is a sampling of parent testimonials

Татьяна Томилина
Татьяна Томилина
This is the best kindergarten in Bali. Our son went to K1 and K2, he was taught to read and write in English! The territory of a 5 star hotel on the ocean, a playground and a swimming pool! This is the ultimate dream of any family. Thank you for this time of absolute happiness. It's forever!
Oneng Tarsius
Oneng Tarsius
Great School
Go Go
Go Go
Very recommended😊
Arum Ward
Arum Ward
Our kids go to this school for 2 years now. When they went to this school at the first time, they both (twins) quite shy and their vocabularies were limited. After few months, they really enjoy it & their vocabularies were improved. And now, they are even better speak in both English & bahasa Indonesia. They learnt so many activities, songs & proper education in this school. It's really good for them to get education in such a fun way. And all the teachers & also the staffs are very great!! The kids love all of them!! This school is highly recommended!!
Irina Aniri
Irina Aniri
It's a wonderful school! Really! If you want for your kid to feel good, like in family, happy and peaceful ... This is the place! Many wishes for this school to grow! All the teachers are kind, smiling they will hug. Director is very smart, good person. Professional! Many projects. Space for creative, study and being good, and play!
Manikan Andre
Manikan Andre
Pendidikannya seru, diajarkan dengan metode yang modern dan menyenangkan
nadya rasjad
nadya rasjad
My Son really enjoys his time here. he had a great time learning while playing everyday. It's a safe school environment with well educated and caring teacher. Highly recommended!
komang suarmi
komang suarmi
It’s an amazing school with great concepts. I highly recommend this school for those are looking for a reliable with professional curriculums home schooling.
Ida Ayu Astidharmantara
Ida Ayu Astidharmantara
Alam kidz school sangat recommended banget untuk pendidikan anak2 masa kini,saya amati Anak-anak terasa hampir menghabiskan seluruh waktu mereka untuk bermain ,padahal mereka sedang mendapatkan pendidikan,pembelajaran, baik membuat sesuatu ataupun bermain dengan temannya,yang dibimbing oleh guru yg berpengalaman dibidangnya,Anak-anak diberikan berbagai aktivitas, kegiatan kelas sehari-hari jadi tidak membosankan. idealnya karya anak-anaklah yang dipajang untuk menghias kelas, sehingga anak pun merasa bangga dan bersemangat.Kurikulum dapat diadaptasi untuk anak, Sarana dan prasarana juga sangat memadai, yang menjadi penunjang pendidikan anak -anak di Alam kidz school ini.
Inna Kharechko
Inna Kharechko
Great teachers, creative place for kids!!!