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Admission and School Fee
Primary Class

  1. Please note all payment, including school holidays or chlidren’s permission, are non – negotiable and non – refundable.
  2. It is mandatory to settle the school fees before attending classes.
  3. we value the importance of family and offer a 10% discount on tuition fee for siblings, whether paid on a term.
  4. Kindly be informed that the tuition fee do not cover children’s lunch. The bills will be issued at the end of each week.
  5. Payment could be paid by cash, debit / credit card, transfer thourgh Bank account BPD Bali Yayasan Anak Cinta Alam : 0300113000047

We apreciate your understanding and coperation in adhering to these payment policies to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted educational experience for all children at our school.