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We Take Care Of Your Children

Our team is committed to giving each child the best possible start in life. Our experienced and highly capable staff work tirelessly to ensure that your child leaves with confidence and a genuine enthusiasm for learning.

Our staff consists of more than two teachers and one assistant with experience in early childhood and primary education.

In Addition, We value all staff and children as individuals and aim to provide a safe, caring and happy environment where all our children develop the confidence to thrive. We put emphasis on building successful relationships with parents and carers, to enable us to support each child’s learning and development.

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Our team is qualified as a teacher in early childhood education and primary education and has demonstrated experience working at Alam Kidz School. These qualifications are commonly : Bachelor's Degree in education Certificate First Aids Diploma or bachelor’s degree in Teaching for Primary School Aged children Certificate Montessori approach Certificate Jolly Phonic Approach

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We are searching for qualified and experienced professionals who can ignite curiosity, drive motivation, and empower students to take ownership of their learning both inside and outside the classroom.

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